HUNGRY BABY FILMS started in 2006 creating a wide variety of content for a diverse group of clients. We specialize in online commercial content that is focused on a strong visual narrative combined with expert story telling. We believe that stories matter. 

GREGORY STEFANO, Director/Producer and Founder

Gregory's Bio

I live many lives, all to the best of my ability and simultaneously in this dimension. On one hand I produce branded content for Refinery29 and make commercials as Hungry Baby Films. On the other I manage a country music act as part of the Easy Keys under the pseudonym Bull. There was also a brief stint where I worked for the U.S. Census bureau and despite that I still find it impossible to spell bureau correctly. I enjoy the outdoors and the crisp, enchanting air of an alpine valley littered with flowers in the spring, though I rarely experience either. I also considered joining the French Foreign Legion during a low point while studying medicine in central Europe.